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During the past editions of Beer Festival Groningen, the organization was filled with enthusiasm about the location. The ‘Martinikerk’ seemed to impress everybody and on top of this, it offered all the space and accommodation this festival could ever wish for.

Beer Festival Groningen 2015 will not change its success formula and will make her re-entry in this huge and famously known ‘city icon’. Both days we will open the doors to welcome all visitors and flood them with every possible sort of beer and knowledge.


Route description

Martinikerkhof 3
9712 JG Groningen
tel. 050 - 311 12 77

By car and by bus to the ‘Martinikerk’
When you don’t want to park your car in the centre of Groningen, you can leave your vehicle safely and for free at one of the five big ‘P+R-areas’. From there, you will take the ‘P+R City bus’. As said before, the parking is for free and the bus transportation for a maximum of five passengers will cost € 6,- (return). The ‘P+R parking spots’ are marked on the highway. You will find them at the ‘Sontweg’, ‘Peizerweg’, ‘transferium Kardinge’, Zernike and Euroborg/P3.

Public transport to the ‘Martinikerk’
At the central station buses leave almost every 5 minutes to the ‘Grote Markt’. Bus lines 2, 4, 5 and 11 will take you to the foot of the ‘Martinikerk’.