Beer diner

''The biggest beer diner in Martinichurch Groningen''


On Wednesday the 19th of April 2017, prior to Beerfestival Groningen, the biggest beer diner with local products and local beers from the nothern Netherlands will be organized. The beer diner is being held in the Martinichurch in Groningen where 600 burgundian beer lovers can enjoy this five course diner. The beer diner is composed by Dutch Cuisine chef Albert Kooy. The local beers from the nothern Netherlands will be presented by the British beer sommelier Melissa Cole and the Dutch beersommelier Fiona de Lange. The beer diner is executed by Progress Events and De Smaak van het Noorden.

Also several hospitality companies from the provence and city of Groningen have influence on the beer and food combinations. The hospitality companies with who we cooperate are Herberg ‘Onder de Linden’, Holland Casino, Robuust, de Stadstuin, ’t Zwarte Schaap, Louis XV en El Txoko. Besides the hospitality companies, also local brewers, Laurens Speek and chefs from wholesalers are part of the beer diner.
The walk in is from 18.30 till 19.00 and the diner is from 19.00 till 22.30 Tickets for this special diner including the beers cost €85,- and are available on our website.